Awib Dorsa (Triton)

Nama Bushman word for rain.

A dorsum is a ridge, sometimes called a wrinkle ridge. On Triton they are named after aquatic names, excluding Roman and Greek. Possible categories include worldwide aquatic spirits, terrestrial fountains or fountain locations, terrestrial aquatic features, terrestrial geysers or geyser locations, terrestrial islands.

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NW 267 km

Medamothi Planum(next)

4 Hours 10 Minutes
7 Days 6 Hours

W 496 km

Vimur Sulci

7 Hours 45 Minutes
13 Days 13 Hours

Awib Dorsa

-7.0° N 80.0° E

SW 302 km

Zin Maculae

4 Hours 43 Minutes
8 Days 6 Hours

S 116 km

Kikimora Maculae(last)

1 Hour 49 Minutes
3 Days 4 Hours

Tour so far: Visited 1 locations over 116 km. Next: Medamothi Planum
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