Apep Cavus (Triton)

Egyptian dragon of darkness.

A cavus is an irregular steep-sided depression usually in arrays or clusters. On Triton they are named after aquatic names, excluding Roman and Greek. Possible categories include worldwide aquatic spirits, terrestrial fountains or fountain locations, terrestrial aquatic features, terrestrial geysers or geyser locations, terrestrial islands.

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NE 869 km

Tano Sulci(next)

13 Hours 34 Minutes
23 Days 17 Hours

Apep Cavus

20.0° N 301.5° E

E 792 km

Bubembe Regio

12 Hours 22 Minutes
21 Days 14 Hours

S 246 km

Ho Sulci

3 Hours 51 Minutes
6 Days 17 Hours

SE 162 km

Bheki Cavus(last)

2 Hours 32 Minutes
4 Days 10 Hours

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