Vuver (Umbriel)

Volga Finn evil spirit.

Vuver is a crater on the surface of Uranus' moon Umbriel. The longitude and latitude of its center are 311.6° and −4.7°, respectively. Vuver has a bright central peak, which is one of the few bright albedo features on Umbriel that really stands out against Umbriel's low albedo. (wikipedia entry)

A crater is a circular depression likely created by an impact event. On Umbriel they are named after dark spirits (individual).

Sorry, there hasn't been a good map made for this world yet :(

W 387 km


6 Hours 3 Minutes


-4.7° N 311.6° E

E 206 km


3 Hours 13 Minutes

SE 205 km


3 Hours 12 Minutes
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