Marikh Marss Chichilcitlalli uMarzi Marso المريخ Mârs

Hookuu'ula Marte Si-mu-ud Bahram Måss

Fuosing मंगल Maurs


Upsystem: Eros, Downsystem: Phobos

The first detailed map of Mars was made by by Giovanni Schiaparelli in 1877. The telescopes used created the illusion of long straight features ("channels", but mistranslated in English as "canal"). Seasonal changes in the appearance of Mars were seen as signs of life on the surface. Probes sent to Mars have so far failed to find any conclusive signs of life.

Mars is the best candidate after the Moon to actually visit the places we've labelled on pictures.

Names for the planet tend to relate to "Red", "Fire", "War".

Mars has 1,798 named features from 230 nations/peoples.

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Feature Type
Naming Convention
Feature Type
Naming Convention
Names from classical mythology assigned by Schiaparelli and Antoniadi.
Large craters are named after deceased scientists, writers and others who have contributed to the lore of Mars. Small creaters (less than 60km) are named after small towns and villages.
Large valles are named after words for Mars/star in various languages. Small valles are named after classical or modern names of rivers.
The nearest named albedo feature on the Schiaparelli or Antoniadi maps.

Feature Name Origins

Top 10 Nation/People of Origin (see more)

73 nations/peoples have their only name contribution on this world: Somalia (6), Panama (4), Cameroon (3), Ivory Coast (3), Oman (3), Saudi Arabia (3), Fiji (2), French Guiana (2), Gambia (2), Liberia (2), Libya (2), Republic of Chad (2), Slovakia (2), Uruguay (2), Andorra (1), Antigua and Barbuda (1), Aruba (1), Bahrain (1), Barbados (1), Belize (1), Bhutan (1), Brunei (1), Burundi (1), Cape Verde (1), Central African Republic (1), Cook Islands (1), Czech Republic (1), Democratic People's Republic of Korea (1), Dominica (1), Dominican Republic (1), El Salvador (1), Eritrea (1), Falkland Islands (1), Grenada (1), Honduras (1), Kashmir (1), Kiribati (1), Kosovo (1), Kuwait (1), Liechtenstein (1), Luxembourg (1), Malawi (1), Mauritania (1), Mauritius (1), Montenegro (1), Nauru (1), New Caledonia (1), Papua New Guinea (1), Qatar (1), Republic of Djibouti (1), Republic of Equatorial Guinea (1), Republic of Guinea-Bissau (1), Republic of Palau (1), Republic of Sao Tome and Principe (1), Republic of Seychelles (1), Republic of the Maldives (1), Saint Kitts and Nevis (1), Saint Lucia (1), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (1), San Marino (1), Solomon Islands (1), South Sudan (1), Suriname (1), Swaziland (1), Timor-Leste (1), Togo (1), Trinidad and Tobago (1), Tuvalu (1), Union of the Comoros (1), United Arab Emirates (1), Unknown (1), Vanuatu (1), Yemen (1),

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